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Hosting couples, groups, families and children, enjoy your very own private “Escape From Reality” exploring the wonders and beauty of the Cyclades Islands. Your journey begins from the beautiful Island of Paros, nestled in the enchanting Cyclades Islands of Greece.


You will be introduced to nature's finest swimming pools and discover hidden gems only accessible by boat.  Explore the uninhabited Islands of Despotiko, Fira and Panteronisia. Discover the bliss of Island culture, exotic waters and golden sands of Antiparos, Folegandros, Ios, Irakleia, Kalado (Naxos), Koufonisia, Mykonos, Santorini, Schinoussa, and Sifnos, or create your very own “Escape From Reality”. The ultimate experience.


Boat rentals and Island transfers are available. Our fleet of boats are met with the highest standards of safety and maintenance. Our professional skippers, and mechanics offer the highest level of quality and service. 


Your “Escape From Reality” awaits your discovery.


The Island of Santorini. Showing the 600 steps from the village of Fira going to the port. The blue sea and the Island of Kameni in the horizon.
Whether you're looking for a bather's paradise or to discover and explore a gem of the Cyclades Islands, choose from one of our all inclusive tours.


Paros tour on ALMYRA Great White boat rental, day trip, rent a boat



Explore the Island of Paros and neighboring Islands with private charter on an "EFR" Boat Rental.

A RIB motorboat sailing away from the Island of Sifnos on an Island sea transfer to another Island.
Let "EFR" be your gateway to your exclusive destination, whether to continue your journey amidst the enchanting Cyclades Islands or board a flight in Mykonos.

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Livadi beach on the Island of Despotiko. Crystalline waters and sandy beach. The Bay of Agios Giorgios Antiparos can be seen on the horizon.
DESPOTIKO - The "EFR" Trilogy 
  • Exotic beaches washed by crystal clear waters and hypnotizing ambiance.
  • A place of great archaeological importance, an archaic sanctuary devoted to Apollo - the Temple of Apollo.
  • Cruise includes swim stops in the mesmerizing waters of Panteronisi, Fira, and ashore Antiparos.


The Island of Folegandros. The village on the top of the cliff. Engulfing, towering cliffs, deep blue waters. The sun is setting on the horizon.
  • Pristine small island with towering sea cliffs engulfing a lush deep basin of clear blue waters.
  • A hidden gem of the Cyclades Islands offers complete relaxation and tranquility.
  • The site of the ancient sanctuary of Artemis, a patron Goddess of Sparta, and the place where the Church of  the Assumption was built.



Captain Pipinos tavern at the Bay of Agios Giorgios Antiparos. Table and chairs on the beach. Turquoise waters. The archaeological Island of Despotiko seen in the distance.
ANTIPAROS - The "EFR" Trilogy 
  • Enjoy the serene beach and authentic Greek Taverns of Agios Georgios - Saint George.
  • The city was built around a 15th century Venetian Castle - the Kastro, and home to the oldest stalagmites in Europe - the Cave of Antiparos.
  • Cruise includes swim stops in the mesmerizing waters of Despotiko, Panteronisi and Fira.


The coastline of the Island of Ios. The gulf of Maganari beach. Golden sandy beaches and sparkling blue water.
  • Discover the famous beach of Maganari or the pristine beach of Agia Theodoti.
  • Maganari beach was the location for scenes from Luc Besson's award winning film "Le Grande Bleu" - "The Big Blue".
  • Ios is renowned for its Churches and Chapels, claiming 365, one for every day of the year.


The main port and bay of the Island of Irakleia. Fishing boats docked. Sandy beach. The white washed houses and mountain tops in the background.
  • A tiny picturesque Fisherman Island, population 115, located at the western edge of the Cyclades Islands.
  • Scenic bays and natural caves characterize this unspoiled paradise in the Cyclades.
  • The cove of Alimia is home to a sunken  war plane from World War II, located at 9 meters depth. Ideal for an U/W experience.


The rock cliffs and sea of Kato Koufonisi. A tiny paradise island that belongs to the Small Cyclades island group. Mesmerizing crystal clear sea of shimmering turquoise and deep blue waters.
  • A pair of captivating islands, Pano (Upper) Koufonisi and Kato (Lower) Koufonisi separated by a narrow straight of stunning imagery.
  • This unique destination embodies the spirit of paradise.
  • Unwind and enjoy local delights glaring into captivating emerald, sapphire and turquoise waters.


An aerial view of the Blue Lagoon Panteronisia Islands of Paros. Two boats are touring past the Islands.
PANTERONISI - The "EFR" Trilogy 
  • Time slows down to only sun, sea and serenity in the oasis of the "Blue Lagoon" of the Cyclades.
  • Beneath this blue haven, lies hidden the Cave of Amphitrite, in Greek mythology, the Goddess of the Sea.
  • Cruise includes swim stops in the mesmerizing waters of Despotiko, Fira, and ashore Antiparos.


The coastline of the serene Island of Schinoussa. Powdery beaches and crystalline waters. The Island of Sifnos is faintly seen thru the open sea.
  • Know as "the Island of tranquility". The air of serenity and sheer tranquil beauty will capture your body and soul.
  • Allow yourself to be enraptured by its charm of endless powdery beaches and crystalline waters.
  • Schinoussa was voted by Forbes Magazine (2012) as one of six must visit places in Greece.


The golden sparkled beach of Platis Gialos on the Island of Sifnos. The valleys and mountains in the background. Umbrellas and sunbeds cover the endless beach.
  • A magical atmosphere of white villages, mythical churches, soft golden sparkled beaches and the majestic splendor of Sifnos' Venetian Castle (1635). 
  • Spend the day at Platis Gialos (Yialos) or discover  the magical villages.
  • Famous for its pottery and gastronomy, home of legendary 20th century Chef Nikolaos Tselementes.

Split shot of the cave of Epitafio on the coast of Antiparos. Below the waterline shows the opening of the cave in crystal turquoise water. Above the waterline shows the top of the opening of the cave carved in the cream gray rock cliff.
  • Not yet discovered your love for the sea? Only a few hours to spare? Longing for a quick "Escape From Reality", this cruise is the ideal experience.
  • This four hour cruise will offer a magical journey which will leave you planning your next "EFR". 
  • Cruise includes swim stops in the mesmerizing waters of the "Blue Lagoon", Tripiti and Fira. 


The golden sun resting on the sea line as it sets in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Antiparos. The ripples of the calm sea floating endlessly.
  • Marvel the calm beauty of the late day sky. Explore the "Big Blue" in dazzling illuminated waters.
  • Reveal the magnificent coastline as never seen before, and be enraptured by its tranquil beauty.
  • Lose yourself in the gaze of the iconic beauty of the Aegean Sea sunset, silhouetted on the horizon.


A map of the Cyclades Islands showing all the Islands that may be visited on a boat tour or Island sea transfer.
  • Personalize your own cruise and discover the wonderful pleasures of your own private "EFR". 
  • Multiple nights / multiple Islands available.
  • Our "EFR" professionals will work closely with you to help you customize your unforgettable journey.



Choose from chartered rental or an all inclusive tour and venture into the majestic splendor of the Aegean Sea.  Experience your "Escape From Reality" as you sit back and relax as our experienced Captain takes you on your unforgettable journey.

Our Fleet of boats are maintained with the highest standards of quality and safety.  Ample comfortable seating, sunbeds, and all the requirements and amenities needed to ensure the ideal experience.  Powered by Yamaha, Mercury and Suzuki, trusted for the their performance and reliability. 

Our Fleet includes the renowned European Brands: Great White, Alson, and Planatech.  So whether you are looking to hire or rent a boat, you have come to the right place.

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"EFR" Island Transfer is the perfect alternative to the public ferry.  Bypass overcrowded ferries and long wait times.  "EFRs'" private water taxi service offers you comfortable and private transfer service. 


Fast and seamless transfers from Paros to most surrounding Islands with the convenience of your own private charter.  Allows you the flexibility of creating your own schedule.  Ideal for transfer to Mykonos to board a flight or for quick business trips to neighboring Islands.

"EFR" provides you with the highest level of service for private Island Transfers.  There is no better way to appreciate Cycladic beauty than getting around by water.  Your journey to your next destination will not be tiresome travel, yet an "ESCAPE" within itself.

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